Rare Etruscan Gold Earring Immortalized in Ambrotype

The Etruscan decorative disc is a small piece of jewelry that belongs to the collection of the Schmuckmuseum Pforzheim. It is believed to have been created by the Etruscan civilization, which was a powerful and wealthy culture that flourished in central Italy between the 8th and 3rd centuries BCE.   The disc is made of […]

The Making of a Gold Rush Town

It’s not everyday that someone chances upon a 22-ounce gold nugget glinting out of the earth, but it certainly was the case in 1957 with Arthur Stewart, the owner of a small nearby grazing property in Bealiba, Australia. In a serendipitous moment, Stewart had stopped at the side of the road to repair the chain […]

Love Letters of Great Men

Schmuckmuseum Pforzheim’s exhibition, “A Newly Ordered World – Treasures from the Napoleonic Era,” spotlighted Napoleon’s influence, as well as the jewelry and fashion of his era. In 1796, Napoleon married Joséphine Beauharnais and for him, it was love at first sight. For a solid 8 years, from 1796 to 1804, Napoleon and Joséphine exchanged love […]