Lily of the Valley Inspires Jewelry Designers

Lily of the valley, with its enchanting fragrance and delicate appearance, has long captivated jewelry designers seeking to capture its ephemeral beauty in wearable art. From the intricate Art Nouveau era to contemporary interpretations, this graceful flower has served as a muse for renowned designers and left an indelible mark on the world of jewelry. […]

It Shines, it Radiates, it Whinnies

The first ever Celtic piece of jewelry in the form of a Celtiberian fibula from the second to first century BC has landed at the doors of  Schmuckmuseum Pforzheim. The art piece was acquired by the International Society of Friends of Schmuckmuseum Pforzheim (ISSP), a non-profit formed in 1997 to support Schmuckmuseum Pforzheim in many […]

From Beer Can to Hops Brooch

While beer tin cans, hops and jewelry seem like an uncanny intersection, it’s not so much the case with Haute École des Arts du Rhin (HEAR) graduate Juliette Même. The jewelry designer is known to probe the boundaries of materiality, value and what may seem uninteresting at first glance. Believe it or not, her hops […]

All the City Feels

Exquisite and exhilarating, jewelry creations from the major metropolises of the world all have that endearing je ne sais quoi. Jewelry created in large cities dating back to classical antiquity and advancing well into the 20th century were on display as part of Schmuckmuseum Pforzheim’s exhibition entitled “The Feel of the City – Jewelry from […]