Pforzheim Revisited Berlin

Pforzheim Revisited BerlinTwelve years of the eponymous scholarship programme 25 November 2022 through 26 February 2023 Schmuckmuseum Pforzheim Embossing, pressing and guilloché engraving – these techniques employed in traditional manufactory-style jewelry production are learned, practised and cultivated within the context of the “Pforzheim Revisited” project.   Supported by a scholarship sponsored by the C. Hafner […]

Worldwide History of Beads

First published in 1987 as “The History of Beads,” Lois Sherr Dubin’s “Worldwide History of Beads: Ancient, Ethnic, Contemporary” has become a collectible tome rife with references for bead lovers, collectors and scholars. In the newer edition of the book, Dubin has expounded on the latest archaeological discoveries, with a new chapter on contemporary adornment […]

Magnificent Views: Landscapes in Jewelry

In jewelry, as well as the fine arts, landscapes have evolved as an autonomous theme. The “Magnificent Views? Landscapes in Jewelry” and “Landscapes, a Matter of Perspectives” exhibitions organized by  Schmuckmuseum Pforzheim and the Pforzheim Art Association at the Reuchlinhaus building explored this familiar yet always novel genre from both a historical and contemporary angle. […]