Six Jewelry Instagrams to Watch

Take a dip into the social world of Loren Stewart, Melancholia, Alighieri, Betony Vernon, ARC Objects and Agmes NYC. A little bit inspo and how to wear it, a lot of style and their latest drops and news.


From heirlooms cast from gold, silver and precious gems to handmade trinkets, sexually charged accessories and wearable yet functional sculptures, there is something for everyone.

Inspired by his odyssey, I imagined these characters in gold, wrapped around my neck, and weaving their way through my fingers, as I read.

— Rosh Mahtani, Alighieri founder  

Loren Stewart creates classic and nostalgic jewelry with a renewed experimental bite. The entire Loren Stewart collection is made with love in L.A. from consciously sourced metals and stones. Several collection pieces are also expertly crafted in Italy at family-owned factories in Vicenza known as Italy’s “queen of gold.”




Each Melancholia piece is created locally in Poland in limited runs by designers Daria Malicka and Maciej Wodniak, who are equally consumed and inspired by transforming thoughts into things. The brand draws inspiration from philosophy, literature and rich iconography associated with the figure of Melancholy, an adamant companion of all creators and thinkers.



The Boudoir Bible is written from a joyful, sex-positive point of view. Going beyond the “lovemaking” of older guides, this witty and uninhibited tome expands the sexual act to encompass “verboten” topics.


Alighieri is a collection of jewelry dreamed up by designer Rosh Mahtani and inspired by Dante Alighieri’s “Divine Comedy,” with each piece corresponding to one of the poet’s 100 poems. “Inspired by his odyssey, I imagined these characters in gold, wrapped around my neck, and weaving their way through my fingers, as I read,” says Mahatani.




It’s not everyday that you meet a sexual anthropologist and jewelry designer rolled into one as is the case with design maven Betony Vernon. Her œvre is rife with sublime objects – from jewels and sculpture to furniture and objet’s d’art. She is daring, provocative and boundary-defying and an author at that, having penned “The Boudoir Bible,” which has been translated to 7 languages to date.


The mind which is created quick to love, is responsive to everything that is pleasing, soon as by pleasure it is awakened into activity. Your apprehensive faculty draws an impression from a real object, and unfolds it within you, so that it makes the mind turn thereto. And if, being turned, it inclines towards it, that inclination is love; that is nature, which through pleasure is bound anew within you.

— Dante Alighieri, The Divine Comedy


From jewelry to home objects, ARC Objects is a collection that explores and experiments with wearable and functional sculpture. Daniela Jacobs, Parsons graduate and designer behind the brand, is interested in a world that celebrates mindfulness; the beauty in small, transient moments in the everyday; and creative fluency. 




Each Agmes piece is handmade to order in New York City, beginning with the finest materials, including 925 sterling silver, 18-karat gold vermeil, 14-karat gold and freshwater pearls. Almost all of the metals used by Agmes are recycled, and any scrap metal generated is ultimately melted down for reuse. The jewelry label is led by sisters Morgan and Jaclyn Solomon and inspired by architecture and art, the built environment and the natural world.