Top Jewelry Design Schools


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We take a look into jewelry design schools in Europe and North America, spanning Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Switzerland, Spain, Belgium, Sweden and the USA.


From Pforzheim University School of Design, Central Saint Martins and Polimoda to HEAR, ECAL, Antwerp Academy of Fine Arts and FIT, there is something for everyone. The academic tracks include a B.A. in Jewelry Design, New Craft Object Design, MA Jewelry and Metal (JaM), Fine Jewelry Design, DNA National Diploma in Art-Object, Bachelor of Fine Arts and more.


Students will have access to state of the art facilities, guest lecturers, academic partners and brands and privileged collaborations. For admissions requirements and prerequisites, program information, credits, yearly fees and awarded qualifications be sure to check out the details at each link.

Jewelry is symbolic function and emotion through material and form in respect to the body. Adorning oneself is inherent to human nature; self-embellishment and the artefacts with which we shape our everyday offer us the opportunity to position ourselves within a certain sociological, historical and cultural reality.

— Pforzheim University School of Design

From “subject to object” and “object to subject” we are entrapped and enthralled in a complex entanglement of the material and immaterial worlds. Through the emergent acts of making, JaM believes we can shed new light on these complex and essential relationships, revealing great depths in our understanding of, and being in, the world.

— Royal College of Art

Jewelry as an artistic discipline and field of experimentation is a particularity of French art schools. Rooted in the Goldsmithing Workshop, the Jewelry Workshop at HEAR borders on contemporary art and design. It is a place for acquiring and using techniques and for generating ideas related to the intrinsic qualities of the jewel and the complex evolution of body adornment.