The A to Z of Jewelry

From alexandrite and cultured pearls to gold vermeil, high jewelry, turquoise and zircon, our glossary is a quick reference guide for what’s what in the jewelry industry. Did you know that alexandrite was first unearthed in Russia’s Ural mountains and can morph colors? Even more, what about its chatoyancy visual effect, reminiscent of a cat’s […]

All About Carats and Karats

When diamond was traded years ago, merchants used carob seeds as an original unit of measure, which is where the word carat is derived from. Because of the uniformity in the size of carob seeds, it was adopted as a generally accepted unit of measurement centuries ago.   These days, the carat (ct) is a […]

Gem Trade: Behind the Scenes

Explore the World of Gemstones with ‘Secrets of the Gem Trade’ by Richard W. Wise   If you’re looking to gain a deeper understanding of the fascinating world of precious gemstones, look no further than “Secrets of the Gem Trade” by Richard W. Wise. This comprehensive guide provides readers with a detailed exploration of the […]