Of the Passion for Travelling and Collecting

Eva and Peter Herion, a collector couple from Pforzheim, Germany, traveled extensively to countries in Africa, the Far East, and the South Seas. Along with their love of travel and meeting locals, the Herions also had a passion for collecting objects of adornment from these diverse regions.   After inaugurating the new presentation of parts […]

Margit Jäschke Kairos

Margit Jäschke, a master of the art world, has carved out a unique path for herself, blurring the lines between installation, painting, sculpture, and jewelry. With her emphasis on evocative details, Jäschke challenges conventional boundaries and creates pieces that resonate differently with each viewer. 10 December 2022 through 16 April 2023 Jewelry Artist Margit Jäschke […]

Napoleonic Era Jewelry and Fashion

Napoleon Bonaparte fundamentally changed the political geography of Europe, radically and lastingly transforming the continent’s civic landscape within a very short timespan. 2019 marked the anniversary of his birthday: 250 years have gone by since the birth of the French general, politician and emperor. Like Alexander von Humboldt, who revolutionised people’s view of nature and […]

Exotic Formosa

The goldsmith and sculptor Ruan Weng Mong is a mediator between different worlds. Born in Taiwan, trained as a goldsmith in Germany and having served as the President of the Goldsmiths’ Guild in Nuremberg, he is at home on several continents. His artworks elegantly wed his sensibility for materials and appreciation of gemstones and metal […]